I am just a student, but am starting my research now on the best software to run on my MacBook. I am simply unwilling to give up my Mac, and will never go back to a PC.

Anyone with experience or knowledge they would care to impart?

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Me me.. i do.
I have a mac, I run windows on it using a software called parallels.
the good news is Windows runs perfect on it, smooth and fast.
the bad news is i tried to help a court reporter hook her machine up to it and everything ran good except the audio, I could not for the life of me get the audio to record clearly, it was muffled and hard to hear.
it also had other little issues here and there, we called Eclipse (I think it was) and they told us that they were working on it, that was almost a year ago.
Try calling Eclipse and other companies and ask them specifically "is your software mac comparable via parallels" and see what they tell you.
if they say "what da heck is parallels" explain, if he/she still doesn't know, ask to talk to someone else. some of them are clueless about this.

Good luck.
just a tiny bit off topic, I run windows on my mac on "coherence" mode all the time, it is truly amazing.
here is a video to explain.

you can also "boot" windows on your mac using bootcamp, here is a good clear explanation about both options.

there are tons of more videos about this on youtube.
Hi, Aleece.

Have you tried running your CAT software under Darwine? Here's a version for Mac-folk:


I have been experimenting with Darwine and early versions of digitalCAT for a while, and I finally got the latest version of Darwine to work with digitalCAT's Transcript Editor (alas, it's Build 190. DC3's Transcript Editor will not run).

Unfortunately, since I started working with Build 167 and the License Manager didn't work properly, so any build I installed after that automatically requires a license code to work.

Hope to get that fixed soon!

In the meantime, the Dictionary Maintenance program works, so I can search for whatever word I need to look up without opening VMWare Fusion first!

Here's a screenshot for you:

Once I get that code and can verify that I can get it to communicate with my writer (assuming the USB serial adapter driver works), that will be a Good Day!

Good luck .....

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Hi Aleece. I don't run my software on a Mac, but I know that Rick Greenspan, an NCRA Board member, and reporter from Florida does and he' s had great success doing it. He is a devotee of Macs and you can probably contact him through NCRA. I would say he's the guy to talk to.
There's at least one thread re the Mac issue on the Advantage (Eclipse) website. I don't have a Mac so I don't get very involved in reading them, but it seems like it is being done.


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