I've decided to complete my coursework online this semester, and don't really have any need to enroll in an online speed class. There aren't any tests I can take for credit at this point, and I'm taking a considerable amount of academic classes, so I certainly don't need the extra assignments.
I'm considering purchasing the testimony and jury charge accelerator and the evaluator software to practice with at home in the meantime, but it's a considerable expense.
Does anyone have any experience with either? I'd certainly appreciate any input. I'm planning to purchase it next week.

Thanks for your time.

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I haven't tried it.
I had a friend who dropped out of school. She was using the Accelerator and one other source of material (which I forget).
It worked for her. She passed the CSR on the first try.
Thanks. I saw a demonstration of the evaluator software at the NCRA convention, and it seemed like a great idea.


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