I learned Eclipse Hyperkeys when I first got my sofware, and I'm so glad I did. I have, however, changed some of the regular hyperkeys. I changed the page down to v - audio play, which is a toggle, to b - go to the last edit point to o - User settings to t - and timecode offset box to r.

Yes, I did have to memorize them, but they work. I use t for user settings so often. I couldn't stand to hit that Alt u one more time.

What else should I consider changing?

Thanks, Jenny

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Silly me, I forgot to mention my very first hyperkey change - changing edit job to e. So much easier!


Did you figure out how to make that ASCII hyperkey macro? I guess you're tired of hitting Shift Alt O. If you haven't found out how to do it yet, here's what I'd do: Just get into User settings/Edit/Macros - click on New, give it the name ASCII, click in the box under the new name, press Shift Alt O. Then click in the speed keys box, click on hyperkeys, click in the box underneath that and press your new hyperkey choice. If it conflicts with anything, it will tell you. It's always best to test that out beforehand, though. Pick a hyperkey that you know you won't be using.

I always edit my jobs in a separate user called Edit. That way I know any macro I create won't conflict with any realtime macros.

Have fun, Jenny


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