Hello. I'm Stacy. Great idea...a network for the reporting world! As my page says, I'm a former CA reporter. I scope and proof exclusively now. It's a great stay-at-home job! I am looking forward to making new friends here!

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What software are you on, Stacy?

Also, just curious, if you wouldn't mind sharing, how much your workload has increased and your income decreased.
Hi Marla,
I use CaseCATalyst software. Do you mean my workload since joining CSRNation or my workload since becoming a S/P or my workload since having my baby?
Um, yes. :)

Well, just curious, really, what it's like to go from reporting to scoping/proofreading income-wise. And how much more or less you work.

Are you getting good work from CSRnation reporters?
Oh, I see. Well, obviously the money is better as a court reporter. I miss depo reporting, but this job is wonderful for spending time w/ my boys. I LOVED being a court reporter. I even didn't mind driving 2 hrs each way to Los Angeles for depositions sometimes. It was just thrilling and a sense of accomplishment for me. I currently have 3 regular reporters that I scope for and 1 regular that I proof for, and then I have about 2 more that use me as their backup S/P. I have had 2 people contact me about working with them through CSRNation, but they haven't sent me work as of yet. I'm anxious to get back to work since having my baby. Sorry I rambled on here. I just wanted to make sure I answered your questions. Hope I did. Nice to chat w/ you!


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