Hey! Anybody out there take the July '08 CSR? I took it and passed and was just wondering what peoples opinions were on it.

Look forward to your comments : )


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ah, yes, there's always that one word that mucks it up for us. I heard one time it was the word "taco" and another time it was "library." (Smiling).
Hi Diane.

I also took the Calilfornia test in July. The test was about a home robbery, I believe. And I passed too, thanks for the congrats. The test was phenomenal!! And I also had friends take the March exam, and they thought their test was awesome, so maybe it's just going to be a series of great tests : ).

Definitely way easier than my qualifier! lol. :)
Yes, Jena, it was about a home robbery!! how could you forget? lol. altho i don't really remember much about it anymore. it was AMAZING tho! it was like they were reading us a story. it was much easier than any qualifier i had. and yes, hopefully this is a string of great tests!!
Hi, Kathleen.

Glad to hear another test taker passed too. Congrats!! I thought the test was great. It felt slow, and I had the cleanest notes I have seen in a long time. lol. I also took my legal test a week after the CSR and the English Exam one week after that. I really got to focus on each individual section. I think this was a great benefit. I just got my license last week. : ). So what city are you in? Have you gone on your first job yet? Keep us posted. I haven't had that first job yet, but hopefully that call is coming soon.
Yay, congrats on passing Kathleen!!!
congrats kathleen!! how awesome!! i took and passed it too. i really thought it was an amazing test!!

i took the academics quite a bit after the csr. i took the professional practice on august 30, and the english on september 3. i just heard back today about the english, and i passed! so now i've passed all three and i'm waiting for my number!

i do feel that not taking the tests all at once was a huge relief. it was really nice to be able to just focus on one, especially when you're flying (or driving 6 hours) to LA! what i wish i did differently was not wait so long after the dictation part to do the academics. i'm telling all my friends to schedule the academics about 2 weeks after the dictation. i just feel like i procrastinated too much! it's kind of nice to have a date set so you know how much to study and when!

congrats again, kathleen. good luck reporting!
Hey Guys!! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on ehre and reply to the posts! I have been crazy looking for an agency and calling all around. I too got my license last week. It was so exciting opening it up. I am going to buy a frame for it today : ) I am in the city or orange in orange county. I hope to take my first job within the next few weeks. I just have a couple more interviews. What are you guys doing to get started working and where are you located? Lets keep in touch. We could be a great support for each other as we all are brand new at this. CONGRATS to you both also!
Hi Kathleen. Yeah, it sounds like a plan. I think it would be great to keep in contact.

I guess they might do things a little differently out in Orange. I'm up north in Stockton -- it's about 40 minutes south of Sacramento, in case you were wondering :D. I have been passing my resume out like crazy too this past week, but no interviews. Most of the depo firms up here said they would keep my name on file and call me if they had a job for me to take. I am so ready to take that first job. I feel like I've been waiting forever. I guess I should give it a few weeks.

Are you going into freelance? Court? Both?

Well, good luck and be sure to keep us posted on that first job! I'll be anxiously waiting to hear.

I am very interested in joining the DRA and doing the mentor program. Can you help steer me in the right direction? How do I sign up? Who do I call? Is it expensive?


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