Sometimes when I try to start a Realtime session or am editing in Eclipse, I get an access violation which immediately boots me from Eclipse. It's quite a pain.

At first, I thought my key was coming loose. But it happened to me one time when I was using a pass code.

Does anyone else have this problem and how have you resolved it?

I don't know if this is a part of the Eclipse Realtime freezing issue that I've posted about before.

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I don't think so. Support needs to know about this and can probably resolve it for you. If not, insist they do so. We pay too much for our tech support to tolerate a situation like this.
Kyung, that's happened to me a couple of times, even once while the tech guy was on the phone. I think he said there must be an error in my dictionary or something like that. Definitely call them. Let us know what they say.
Are you trying to make a global entry? I was having this problem and it turned out that my job dictionary was misnamed.
If you are trying to make a global entry let me know and I will retrace my steps and tell you how to correct it. I just can't think of how I did it or I would post it now. (ugh)
No, I usually am trying to open a realtime session or I'm just editing. It happens a lot when I'm trying to open a realtimie session.
I had this same issue when editing and using spell check. Something in my spell check dictionary was corrupted, so I had to create a new user name in Eclipse and never had a problem again. It was only on my laptop and never on my home PC. If you create a new user, make sure you select the right dictionary to use for translation in your user settings. If not, from personal experience, you get a bunch of steno on the screen the first time you do realtime! I thought I lost my whole dictionary. Also, something may be corrupt in your user settings in Eclipse. If you create a new user and this doesn't happen, you then know that is what the problem is.

Hope that helps!!


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