Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there were any reporters out there that have the Wireless PC Cards attached to your laptops and actually running while doing realtime. And does it still work?

I'm thinking of trying it out because I like to be connected to the internet while working so I can email scopist right away.

I have a Blackberry and I had the tethering cable attached to my laptop so that i can access internet through my phone but it wouldn't let my realtime connection work, so I had to disable the internet use through my Blackberry.

Or if anyone else has any suggestions on having wireless on my laptop and how they do it.


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I've used one for over two years and have not had a problem. I'm constantly connected to my e-mail during depos.

Which Verizon Wireless card do you have ---- is it the USB connected or the actual PC Card
I have the one that goes in the PCMICA slot. Like I say, it's two+ years old. I should probably update the sucker. But, why update if it ain't broke?
Yeah, that's what I'm going to get. I don't want to hog up my USB ports. Thanks. I'm going to check into it this weekend.
Arielle - i have a Verizon wireless card, and run realtime at the same time. It does not interfere. They're totally separate.
good luck,
It works like a CHAMP!!!! I was able to do a daily copy trial due to my broadband Verizon wireless connection. You will NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!
I totally agree with Robyn. Soon after purchasing my Verizon card I had a series of all-day next-day expedites. Couldn't have done it with out that card and a scopist that was getting chunks at breaks. It paid for itself many times over.
Yep, I hooked it all up and tested it with the reatlime running and it works great. Thank God, plus I get to read these forums on breaks. lol lol
I don't know how that works for people w/Total Eclipse. My understanding is that we're supposed to disable our wireless connection so it doesn't freeze up when we're writing realtime. I'd also like to hear from people on Total Eclipsewho use the Internet and send stuff to a scopist simultaneously. Sounds interetesting.


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