I'm a student in Chicago and am not finding many people here from Chicago. There isn't even a Last Minute Depo thingy for Chicago.

I'm wondering how work is in Chicago and if people are really busy or really slow.

Anyone? Anyone? (the sound of an echo..........)

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(crickets chirping)
No one is here from Chicago?!
It just can't be. I know the answer...........there is so much work in Chicago that the court reporters don't have time to check in on this webisite. Yes, that's it. They are just to swamped with work!
I know another student in Chicago....she is almost done. I met many at the Chicago Case training last Sept, so betting they ARE busy!! :) I am in Rochester, NY, so no help...just wanted to tell you what I knew.
No way!! There is not a single Chicago CR here?? I find this hard to believe.


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