NCRA is having its annual convention in Anaheim this year. Home of the great and powerful Mickey. Hopefully a lot of people will be coming from out of state. Hopefully some of you will be coming from out of state. We should try to plan something and get together. A CSRNation mini-convention/happy hour.

I think it would be fun. So let me know if anyone is interested.

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Can't afford it this year....sigh....I wanted to.
I soooooooooooooo wish!!! I am turning 30 that weekend and there is a party I obviously can't miss.
My b/f's son just took a job with google, so we're going to try to come to Anaheim if work permits.

I've driven by the Google building once in while on my way to a depo. I think it's over by the courthouse actually in Irvine or Newport Beach. Not quite sure where the border is around there.
OMG! I was thinking about the Midyear in Boston. I see now that the annual convention is in late July -- maybe I can go. It would be my first, and I would love to meet you all! I am still a student, and I am kind of new to this site, but totally hooked on it. I love reading all of the stories and advice and just getting to know what it's like in the "real world" of court reporting. A fellow student reccommended attending one of these conventions while still in school, and this sounds like it might be a great opportunity for me to attend since I wouldn't have to travel too far... I am definitely going to try and swing it.
~ Kyla
Pardon my enthusiasm... I'M SO HAPPY I GET TO GO! So, how about that happy hour? Is anyone organizing something?
I am hoping to be there Thursday evening... but have to leave Sunday early. Cross-country flights take a long time going back to the east. (that is, of course, if I get approved for the time off)

I am interested in heading to see the Mouse - but is there a place to have some cocktails on the property? or is that just too much? Napa Rose or something...

Woo-Hoo. Convention junkie, that's me.


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