FOR SALE --- CRAH - Court Reporting at Home Study Program

Hi all,
My girlfriend got the program a year or 2 back -- did it for 2 weeks and then found a full-time job and hasn't touched it since, then got married, pregnant and a baby girl, so now she's really never getting to the program again.

She paid almost 5000.00 for the program and needs to sell it --- is open to any offers as close to the original price.

The only downside is, it's non-transferrable.....which I don't think matters because once you get to the 225 speed, you can go to almost any court reporting school and just qualify to take the state or national exam to get your certification.

It's a realtime theory and it includes the writer and everything.....program is on CD's or DVD's....not cassettes.

You can email me at I have all the equiptment so I can answer any questions that you may have.

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Can you please give me a call on my cell to discuss the details. I can be reached at 773.459.7279 (cell) after 5 pm CST.

Thanks so much.... Hope to hear from you soon.
I will call you when I get out of the store


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