Okay. So I'm working on an expedite again.

I send half to one scopist and I send the other half to another scopist. In th e-mail, I tell them very specifically what page and line to start at.

I get an e-mail today. I'm confused. What pages am I supposed to work on? I didn't read your whole e-mail bec. I just thought it was spellings.

I'm kind of annoyed. But yet, I feel bad.

Should I offer the scopist some compensation for the part that she did incorrectly? Yet, I'm kind of annoyed. If I spend the time to send you this long-ass e-mail, wouldn't it be nice if you read the whole thing?

What do you think? I'd like to hear from both scopists and reporters.

Note, the scopist has not asked me to pay her for those pages. I do not know if she is currently working on the pages that I need her to work on. I am finishing up the first half that I've gotten back from the other scopist. Once I've gotten to the part that she is working on, I will probably follow up with her unless she e-mails me back before then.

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Exactly. With the number of expedites I've been getting lately, I've been asking my scopists to send me back whatever they're working on so I can start proofing it.
Oh, heck, I may as well come out of the woodwork too

No, you shouldn't feel obligated to pay the scopist for any pages she did that you didn't ask for. It was her negligence in not reading -- and printing out -- your e-mail for future reference.


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