Do you keep track of your statistics?

Do you keep track of how many pages you're producing per month? Per week?

Do you know how much you made this time last year versus your year-to-date?

Do you know how much you're getting paid per page gross when you add in the extras for rough drafts and realtime and videotape jobs and expedites?

I just ask bec. there's been a lot of talk that it seems slower this year than last, and it seems to be all across the country.

I keep track of these statistics. And my stats are not showing that I'm slower this year than last. But it does seem slower. I also notice that I am getting more expedites than usual for this time of year. So it kind of balances out, I guess.

Just wondering, if we're just "feeling" slower or if there is actually a slowdown that can be documented.

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I don't keep track that closely, but it's a good idea. I did at one time figure out expenses per page, but it's been a while. I think it was like $1.40 at that point a few years ago. In Houston, I think work has been the same as it has been the past say three years or so, since all the reforms and med mal caps. I think the work shifted more to family law and employment, seems like, as the lawyers scramble to make a living, too. Good post. I think I'll run a comparison tomorrow on pages last at this time v. this year.
Good grief! I'm such a disorganized mess. I have no idea how many pages I put out this month, last month, last week, last year. I just know that I still have 8 tripts on my jobs file to get done and I'm looking forward to only two jobs next week. How do you keep track of these things? I do have a jobs log, but I don't keep track of pages, just jobs and the fact that I've billed them.

Sue, expenses per page. That's interesting! I can't even imagine how to come up with such a number, what with toner and all.

You guys put me to shame!
I'm scared to see how much time I actually spend on a job. I don't have that number bec. I'm really bad about keeping track of how much time I spend on editing. I also don't figure out my expense per page.

But I do keep track of how many pages I do weekly, monthly. What my page rate is gross after you factor in realtime, rough drafts, expedites, and stuff like that. I keep track of mileage and how much I pay to the scopist. I use an Excel spreadsheet too.


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