When does this show start back up?  It has to be soon, right??  I can't find it.

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I know Randy isn't coming back again.  I wonder what they'll do next year for judges.  I hope Nicki and Mariah don't come back.  Those two are so self-absorbed, constantly touching their hair to make sure they're still beautiful.

I used to watch B&B.  Which character are you talking about, Rhonda?  I don't know what possessed Hunter Tylo to have her lips done.  She was so naturally beautiful before.  Now she looks freaky.

I've got to say, I am enjoying Nicki's and Maria's comments, especially Nicki's.  She's very honest about what she hears.

On B&B, I'm talking about the guy who now plays Thomas. And you are correct about Hunter.  She looks plastic all around, and she was sooooo much prettier before.  I saw a woman in Stein Mart the other day who was obviously a victim of plastic surgery, and I just wanted to ask her, you PAID to look that way?  On PURPOSE?  It was HORRIBLE.  Yet, somehow, she had the air about her that made me think she really thought she looked good.  I'd love to have my teeth done, as well as a few other things, but I'm petrified I'd turn out looking worse!  I have a friend who got her lips done, and they look AWFUL, but she's quite proud of them.  I do not get it.

I don't get the lip thing.  Lisa Rinna looks much better after reversing her surgery.

I hope Candace wins too.  I've never liked Kree much.  I was shocked Angie went home.  I thought she was going to win the whole thing.  What I read about the judges is they are not bringing any of them back and they are going to totally revamp the show and try to get their "core viewers" back, whatever that means.  I even heard that Nigel guy is out.  They're cleaning house as the ratings have been in the toilet and shows like The Voice are kicking their rear.

Who is Nigel?

The outspoken producer of the show.   Here is a link saying they are all gone:  http://www.realitytvcalendar.com/shows/ai12/news/0510-p1.html

They need a makeover.  I'm so sick of the songs from the year you were born and all of the songs from Michael Jackson, etc.   I hope they'll let the contestants pick their own songs instead of making them learn some outdated song.  I hate the duo and group songs too.  I always fast forward through those. 

I guess I'm one of the viewers losing interest.  :)




I always fast-forward through the group stuff, too. It is always so corny.  Totally agree on the tacky theme-of-the-week songs, too.  They are missing out on some great songs by not getting to choose their own.  There are so many artists with killer songs that may not even be that popular but would go over very well.  They want them to connect to the song? Well, let THEM choose a song that they CAN connect to.

Exactly, Rhonda!  And I knew I should have hyphenated fast-forward.  :)

How funny, I fast forward through the group songs too.  It always makes me uncomfortable to watch because they are so corny. 

I do like the Voice and Usher and Shakira are a great addition I think.

I love The Voice. There are so many talented people on the show. I like Usher and Shakira too. It's interesting watching Usher's coaching style. He's really teaching them about performing as well as singing.

Agreed with all you guys.  The Voice has been excellent this year.  American Idol has been going down for a while.  They need a makeover.


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