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No, not an Apple app. You can get it via I think you have to have a membership for this. My mom gets it for me for Christmas every year because I listen to the books so much in my traveling. I really like it.
Urban Spoon
Lose It!
Pocket Tanks
Is Scrabble free?

And does the compass really work?

I love Shazam and Pandora.

I downloaded Chicktionary, which is a free word search game. You try to make as many words as possible out of the letters given. It's fun and cute. The roosters make noises, so be sure your volume is turned down when you play it while waiting for that depo to start.
Scrabble is a pay one -- 4.99 -- but so worth it. You can play through Facebook with other people The compass really does work.
Oh how I miss Scrabulous! Lexulous just isn't the same. I found Scrabble on Facebook just crashed all the time so I never bothered with the iPhone app. I might give it a go though!
I just downloaded LA Metro. It's very accurate. The iPhone is just awesome. I take the Metro to downtown LA.
Teresa, are you taking the metro to downtown LA for jobs? I've often thought about taking the metro into downtown, but the idea of schlepping all my crap (steno suitcase, briefcase, and purse) scares me. And how do you get to your job after you get to Union Station? Cab?
Did you know that if you put your finger just right, no only do you get the copy/paste aspect, but a little bubble pops up that is a magnifier.

When you see the copy/paste indication, place your finger at the beginning where you want to copy something, then drag your finger to include all you want. Tap on copy. THen you can go to and paste, for instance, that portion in an e-mail....or even in your Note ap.

THe more I use the aps and the iPhone, the more I just love it. Went to the coast last weekend, my onboard GPS was giving me directions that I knew were wrong. My Mapquest printout didn't do any good because there was a big detour due to construction. After dark by this time. Turned on my iPhone (pulled off to do this) to Google, did a Google for the address, which your iPhone GPS asks to use your current location for the from...bam, I was on my way. You can set the directions to be audible, too.
I am a student and I am currently in theory II. My instructor said a metronome would be useful so I hit the search on my iphone and found two metronome applications that were free. I also use a free spell check program for my assignments because some of the words that we have to translate from steno to English are not commonly used words (at least not by me :) There are also dictionary applications that you can download for free. I think this phone is fantastic! There are so many useful applications you can download to help you. I also use the note feature to write down my briefs and phrases so when ever I am waiting anywhere I can review them and make good use of my limited free moments. I have Hope you all have a fantastic day!
I'll definitely download both of those, thanks!



Step 1    I turn the slider button on the left side to off.  That turns off all sounds, including sounds of text alerts. 


Step 2    Out of an abudance of  caution I also use the volume buttons on the left side and turn it all the way down.  That's not really necessary, though, if you do Step 1.


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