I recently moved from Florida to Nevada and am making a change from reporter to scopists/proofreader.  I have been reporting for almost 20 yrs and I am on Eclipse Version 6.  I have the full reporter version and am interested in scoping, proofing or collaborating remote realtime.   I have a great work ethic and plenty of time to assist with scoping and proofreading.  I was curious if any of the scopists are using more than one software.  I am wondering if I should also consider an edit station of Case Catalyst.  I appreciate any feedback. I look forward to meeting scopists and court reporters in the forum and collaborating with you!

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Hi, Kristen,

I am a former reporting student who has been a scopist/proofreader for three years.  I have Case Catalyst, StenoCat and DigitalCat.  I would be able to do more business if I had Eclipse, so I would imagine the same would be for you if you purchased Case.  It is by far my favorite of the programs, and I have heard the Eclipse is very intuitive like Case. 

Hope that helps and welcome to the site!

Thanks, Dawn!  I appreciate the info.  And good to know you are very happy with Case Catalyst.  

I agree with the other gals too.  DigitalCat was super cheap so long as you have a reporter with a current contract.  StenoCat, some is letting me pay for their edit key.  I had to do the same thing as they are suggesting when I contemplated getting Case.  I did actually find someone who was willing to give me their overflow so I felt comfortable with the purchase (?), but if not for her, I'm not sure I would have done it.  I add the question mark there because she gave me her word that she would give me the work and I was trusting her to pay me, but you know how that can go.  In my opinion, you have to have the mindset that you can afford the program because sometimes reporters don't pay by the time your bill needs to be paid.  That being said, it's the program I use the most and it has absolutely been worth it.

For 12 years I proofread strictly on paper.  I bought Case at the request of my first scoping client.  The reporters I proofed for use either StenoCat or Case, and at least one of them has said she'd use me for scoping if I had StenoCat.  Once I have confirmation from her that she will make it worth my time and money to buy it, I plan to buy a StenoCat edit station after my Case station is paid off. 

Unless I had confirmation that I would have enough work to justify the purchase, I'd be reluctant to buy and learn a new CAT program.  Just my 2¢.

Agreed, Victoria that we need the work to justify the cost.  :)  Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Kirsten,

I only have Case Cat.  I have been scoping for about a year and find that it takes a long time to build a reporter base.  I would not purchase any other software unless I was sure that I would have more business with it.

Thanks, Millie!  :)  

Kristen, I am a former CSR who got into scoping a few years ago. I have Eclipse and Case but I would recommend you just stick to one software to begin with, especially if you are familiar with it. Even though it's a long way off, I suggest you attend the Eclipse users convention in Vegas in the spring for the informative seminars and networking. Scopists get a reduced rate and it's a good way to make contacts.

Kristen, I'm only on CC, but I can tell you I get requests all the time from reporters on Eclipse that are looking for a scopist.  I think you would find plenty of work out there to keep you busy on the one system if you're good at what you do.


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