I have an all-in-one color printer that I used for scanning, but it's not very fast and can't take a lot of pages.  I want a good, fast scanner/printer, either color or black-and-white, prefer laser but a good inkjet could work if it's high quality.  And I'd love it to do auto duplexing.  All the reviews I read talk about the printer part of it but not the scanner.  Right now I print my roughs and finals on a small HP LaserJet 1020.  My main thing is a good scanner/printer.

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Good to know about the stapler remover.    

Make sure the Scan Snap "Manager" is on your task bar.  Otherwise you can't scan.   I had removed things from the task bar and wondered why my scanner wouldn't work.  I had to call Fujitsu to figure it out.


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