I have been using DigitalCat student for three years, learning and building my speed.  All this time I was doing substitute teaching.


I was offered work on Wednesday (in the afternoon).  I called Stenovations to update to professional.  Apparently i called Thursday.  I said in an email that I called them Wednesday.  They said I violated their user agreement by using their software in a professional work.  The phone call didn't go well and he thinks I am intentionally lying and intentionally violating their user agreement.  They won't want me as a customer. 

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THIS IS THE END RESULT:  You can't see it, he wrote his response in like 18 font.  Funny thing is, I have found one user who got six months of free trial for the professional.  There was obviously something about me that this guy didn't like.  As Mary Ann said, it all depends on you define student.



Ms Cochran,
Not only do we not want your business but we also insist that you do not use our the
professional software that you acquired the
90 day code for under false pretenses.


Thank You

Eric Jackson



Sent: To: carmen@stenovations.com
Subject: Re: Professional DigitalCat




Please ask your vice president/boss if he wants my business and money for the DigitalCat download.

Otherwise I will go with one of the others. 


Thanks.  Mary Cochran

Shocking attitude from someone in such a position.  Guess there is a reason they really aren't competing with the big boys, eh?  

And Eclipse still has the key?   Sheesh!  That's definitely one of my favorite things about CC.  :)

What a nightmare.  I just got the Diamante, wireless realtime, etc. recently with Stenograph and am paying them monthly.  It's some type of modified lease deal. Look at their websites or call Stenograph or Eclipse and ask them what options they have for someone just starting out. Because of the bad economy there are deals out there. They usually have a NCRA convention special too so ask about that as that is coming up soon.

Please do not buy premiere power.  It is ancient. I know because I had it years ago. The current software is so much faster and more efficient now that you would be wasting your valuable time (and time is money) rather than taking more depos.  Of course you don't need to buy the Diamante yet, there are many writers you can use to write realtime, but get the latest and greatest software available.   Check out the minimum requirements for the software before you buy a laptop.  You don't need much memory so you should be able to get a lower-priced one that will more than meet your needs.   Best of luck.

Funny thing is, when I got their student software three years ago, I asked about the $20.00 charge. I told them I was a reporter many years ago and starting over at about 100 words a minute and I had no CAT background and was training myself.  They told me they were no longer charging for student use and they helped me pick a dictionary from their choices.


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