usually in court, if a video or audio is played, the parties waive reporter.  in this particular trial, the attorneys (and the court supported them) wanted me to report the video.  luckily it was pretty slow and clear.  but now, i was wanting a blurb to indicate that im trascribing a video "witness".  and as for formatting, should I just leave it q a q a? 


what is the protocol?  help.

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Eh, sometimes all you have to do is make it up as you go.  I would probably do something like this.


(The following portion is a transcription of the videotape being played.)

MR. SCHMOE:  Q Did you kill him with a candlestick?

A No. I used smelly socks.

Q Did he beg for mercy?

A No. He fell over immediately.  Those socks were pretty deadly.

(End of videotape transcription)



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