I am looking for an additional scopist to help handle dailies.  I have two scopists that I have been using regularly for years but lately either one or both have been unavailable and I have had to turn down work.  I have been reporting for 27 years.  Please contact me if you are interested/available and we can discuss further.  I have an additional email - kroer91@gmail.com - if that is easier.

Thank you.

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You should have sent your message to the Case Cat scoping group.  I sent it for you.  Here, you won't get much traction...   That's why I set up individual groups for what you need.

Hi Christina,

I use Professional Scopists - nationwide scoping/proofing firm - and the owner, Lisa Wallen, is a long time friend. They have many CaseCat scopists, so you shouldn't have a problem.

 A Google search will give you all of their contact info.

Joanie Cesano

Sent you an email. 

Are you still looking for a Case Cat scopist? My name is Caryn & I can help! I’m on Case Catalyst 19, and I’m an available hard worker. Flexible rates & quick turnaround. Contact me @ cesposito1129@gmail.com.


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