Read some prior posts recently from years ago where reporters were not getting paid from this firm - DCR Litigation Services.  Then I heard of videographers not getting paid from her - Annette Duke.  Now I'm in the same boat.   She owes me a LOT of money.  I worked for her for many years.  She's underpaid me in some cases, i.e., $40 for a last minute cancel.   $3.40 for ALL cases whether it's P.I. or expert.   

Any information anyone can share with me? Thanks.

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Annette E. Buttress, CSR 9398, is the owner/operator of DCR (Duke Court Reporters.  Duke is her husband/boyf

riend) and an attorney in Westlake Village.  Her license expired May 2017.

FYI:  She is listed as Annette E. Buttress, CSR number 9398 but delinquent since May of 2017.


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