Can anyone who has the Diamante tell me if the audio quality and volume, with a good mic, is as at least

as good as your laptop's audio?  I thought when I had the Mira it was.  The volume just seems too low and I have it turned two-thirds of the way up on the Diamante.  I'm plugging good mics into the Diamante but the same mic is much better volume on my laptop.  So I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my audio hardware on my Diamante.


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I love the audio on my Diamante and I think it is better than my Lenovo laptop.   I use the Martel mini-mics on both.   The Microphone Gain setting I am currently using on the Diamante is 130.91.   I think that settings are different if you use a battery-powered mic vs. a non-battered powered mic.





I know on the Mira there is a setting for low gain or high gain, depending on which type of mic you are using.  Try the other setting than what you are on now.

Thanks.  There is no high or low gain on the Diamante, just says microphone gain and you can go up or down on the numbers.  I've used the Labtec and the Martel.  I adjust the gain up or down so the volume is just before going into the red on the volume bar.  So it's over halfway turned up, but still too low. 

So I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the audio hardware.

I never use it, but needed it for a job here recently when my laptop was messing up.


Have you tried turning it all the way up even though it's in the red?  I use a Labtec mic with my Mira.  Maybe try it out at home and see what happens.


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