I had just finished editing a job when I tried to save it.  Well, my software froze.  I've got caseCAT.  It always freezes when I try to save a file.  So I didn't think much of it.  I turned off my labtop automatically.  I always do that.  Then when I restarted my labtop and wanted to reopen the file that had frozen from caseCAT, it showed the file as being blank/empty.  The file is blank as though it's waiting for me to translate and edit.  But when I close the file again, I can see that it still shows the file as having 115 pages!!!  But when I open, it doesn't show me anything :(  It shows that it's blank, as if the file was erased.  I don't get it though ???? 


I need help!!!  Can someone tell me what is wrong and what I can do, please!!!!!  :( :( :(

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If you go to Auto Archive it should have a copy of it there.    Auto Archive is a black briefcase icon.

If CC is freezing you should get a new computer or have it fixed.   It should not be freezing.

Unfortunately, I don't have the Auto Archive briefcase.  I've got an older CAT version :( :( :(

This will not help you this time but for future depositions.  

Especially because your computer freezes on a regular basis I suggest this practice.  This is what I do on a regular basis.  First of all as I am editing a depo I back it up periodically to a FLASH DRIVE.  Do not back it up to your hard drive on your computer only b/c if your hard drive crashes, you will lose your data.

Flash drives are cheap now.  If you would have backed it up to a flash drive, you will still have your edited material.

Why is your software not working correctly?  It should not do that when you save a job.

I learned this lesson about backing up to a flash drive when I had edited a 150-page job and lost my hard drive.  I had to do it over.  Never again.

Sorry for your trouble.  It usually happens when there's a deadline too, Murphy's law....


Worst case, you could retran your notes from your writer and then if you see your audio file is still there in the subfiles listed, you could listen to the audio file through Windows Media Player.  But come to think of it, you should have the audio file with your steno notes on your writer, too.


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