Does anyone know when a small claims case would be due?  I took an awful one the other day, and I do not know when it would be due.  Are small claims considered to be like a civil case?  Like would I have maybe six months to do it.  I live in Oklahoma.  If you can help, I sure would appreciate it.


Thanks, Lisa. 

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If you don't have a deadline to work from, you should assume the transcript is due no later than eight working days after the proceeding.



Thanks, I will.  Judge taking under advisement, so I have a little breathing room.


I think the longest you could take is two weeks.  Six months is out of the question.  But first of all, was the transcript ordered?  When I worked in court, I didn't prepare the transcript at all unless it was ordered. 


I would also assume if you were there, that someone must have ordered a reporter ahead of time because Small Claims actions are not reported on a regular basis.  You may want to get confirmation it is, in fact, ordered and they want the transcript.  I used to report Small Claims actions 20 years ago and I didn't prepare a transcript unless requested.

Judge still has to make his decision, so I have a little time.  Other reporter took this case, and they appealed hers, that's why I think it will be appealed.  So you think I have maybe two weeks.  Very legal stuff that I have to look up, not a long hearing though.  Thank God.  Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it.



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