Does anyone have a good and easy brief for "e-mail"?  

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I use PHA*EL 

AOEM e-mail

AOEMG e-mailing

AOEMS e-mails

AOEMD e-mailed


smail - e-mail, smaild - e-mailed, smailg - e-mailing,  smails - e-mails, smaifp - e-mail chain, smais - e-mail string, smaix - email exchange, smaidz - email address.

Thank you, all!  I'm going to try various ones to see which one sticks.  Thanks again!



I use *EM

I do EM

I use *em and *ems

e-mail = haoem

e-mails = haoems

e-mailing = haoem/-g or if you can do it in one stroke haoemg

MOIL.  "Mohel" never comes up, and if it does, you will be acutely aware enough to use an asterisk.  


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