Hello!  Does anyone have reputable E&O insurance other than Marsh that they would recommend?  Thank you.

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Hi Wendy. 

I use AMIS (Alliance Marketing and Insurance Services LLC).  I live and work in California.  I don't know if they issue policies to people outside of California, but it doesn't hurt to check.  Here is the contact info:


P.O. Box 567, San Marcos, CA  92079-0567, (800) 843-8550

Michelle A. Nowell is my agent, and her e-mail address is snowell@amiscorp.com

I did a ton of research about five years ago and decided with this firm.  So far, it's been great.  The policy covers professional liability at about a million dollars per incident.  It also cover me personally if someone trips over my equipment or cord out in the field.  If any of my equipment gets stolen or damaged, whether at home, in the car, or at a job, it is covered under the policy.  I pay about $500 per year for everything.

Good luck!!!!


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