Can someone please help me with the output settings when streaming Livenote and at the same time outputting to throwdowns via Stenocast?  I don't think tech support understood my question and were not able to help me.  Thanks in advance.


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I know you can do it with one computer.  However, when I've used Livenote streaming, I used it on another laptop that I sent an output to, just like the netbooks.  It works great.  

I have done this a few times, and I found that LV support wasn't that helpful.  I was told to use a separate computer to do the Livenote streaming with, and then I just used my normal way to connect to my other netbooks using Stenocast RED.  I do remember the videographer telling me after my call to support, "It sounds like you know way more than they do!"  One thing I will do the next time I use LV is to add the support person to my list so he can see exactly how the feed looks.


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