My reporter just called and told me she has 3 witnesses today, all possibly dailies. She has never heard of Dropbox before and uses sendthisfile to send me stuff instead. With expedites coming in, I think it may be time for us to venture into Dropbox. Can someone please give me step-by-step instructions on how she needs to have her settings in Eclipse, Version 4, so that I can forward it to her? I have used Dropbox only a couple times, but I am on the receiving end and don't know how to do the sending side of it. Thanks so much for any help. It would be greatly appreciated.

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The reporter needs to upgrade to v5 in order to use division intervals with dropbox, and then of course you'd need to upgrade too.

I have 5 already, but to my knowledge she doesn't. She has been talking about upgrading for the past year, so maybe this will be the clencher for her. Thanks for the information, Judy.  I appreciate it.

Gosh, why she should REALLY upgrade is so she can go keyless!

Eclipse Version 4 does not have the automatic audio update feature, so you would still need to have the audio file sent when the reporter finishes each witness and starts a new file for the next witness.    

For her to use Dropbox to send you the Eclipse files, she would go to the DB website and download the program on her computer.  You, the scopist, must do the same thing.  When downloaded you will see in the Windows Task Bar area (bottom far right of your screen) an open box with flaps.

You or your reporter, once the program is downloaded, create a share folder on the DB website.  To do this, click on the open box icon and choose Lauch Dropbox Website, then follow the directions.  An invitation will be sent by DB to join the share folder.  Once the invitation is accepted, both you and the reporter will see the share folder when you click on the icon and choose Open Dropbox Folder.

Once the folder exists, the reporter simply does the copy/paste routine from her job folder into the DB share folder.  Text and audio files can be transferred this way.

Word to the wise for the scopist:  Copy/paste the text and audio files to your Eclipse program job folder; don't do your scoping within the DB area.  This is a safety precaution to make sure cyberspace transmission is not hindered by editing in the share folder.  However, if you want the files to automatically be sync'd so that both users see the current state of editing, then do scope in the DB area and cross your fingers there are no hitches.

When you, the scopist, have a file to send her, do the copy/paste routine from your Eclipse job folder to the DB share folder.  In order to preserve the original files, rename your files (filename)_scoped.ecl.  Of course, you can also e-mail her the scoped file.

For those using Eclipse Version 5, there's a terrific feature for those reporters using Division Interval and Dropbox.  Eclipse will automatically send the interval text files to the DB sharefolder as well as the audio file.  Each time a new interval pops in, the audio file is updated to include the audio for that portion.  In order to set this feature up, changes have to be made in User Settings area of the reporter's and scopist's Eclipse program.  The scopist can "path" her program to that folder to listen to the audio.  There will be only one audio file even though there are multiple text "interval" files.  The scopist will copy/paste the text files from the DB share folder to her Eclipse job file...but no need to copy/paste any audio file.

For complete instructions on how to set up Division Interval in Eclipse V5, see Keith Vincent's eTip 115 available on his website: 


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