Hi, wondering if anyone has had this problem.  The Elan Mira A3 charges sometimes and sometines it doesn't.  My old charger stopped working and I had a newer charger so I started using that.  Same problem.    Sometimes it charges, sometimes not.  I ordered another charger and another battery.  If anyone has had this problem, can you tell me if it could possibly be the connection on the Mira or what you think it is.  Any help from anyone would be good.  

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Were you able to resolve your problem?

Yes.  Charger was shorting out at the same time battery had some dead spots in it.  Bought a new battery, bought a new charger and no problems.  A miracle.  I went to LA Stenotype and he told me exactly what it was and loaned me a charger till the one I had bought online was received.  I found out from him he sells chargers and batteries so anyone in the LA area, there is a local source for chargers and batteries.  

thank you, Bonnie!

Regarding the A3, could I ask you how you adjust the key sensitivity on the writer?  Do you need an implement and adjust each key with it, as with the Stentura, or can you adjust each key via the computer on the writer, as with the Diamante?

Also, might you know the year the A3 came out?

Thanks so much!

Hi, Dean.

I think the A3 Mira came out around 2005.

Our local Stenograph rep showed up at my (now closed) school and gave us a demo ... and allowed me to have a little time alone with the writer ... you can read about that experience here. Just search for "27OCT05" and you should find it.


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