I have added a page to my website (www.joyfulscoping.com) entitled "CR Support."
It includes the file transfer information for anyone who needs to learn how to
upload files.
There is also a link to youconvertit.com's FTP program for easy upload access.

If any court reporter is struggling with this issue, feel free to contact me at
drscoping@gmail.com and I will be happy to walk you through the process
over the phone.

Ms. Devon Roberts
Joyful Leads

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I have tried to use youconvertit.com at least a dozen times and it has never worked. I have tried to use sendthisfile.com twice and it does not work. Thank goodness I pay for T3 (25.00 a month) because it is reliable and I have never had a problem.
Well, Kelli, I'm not quite sure what to tell you.

I've only had a minor problem with sendthisfile.com once but I've never had
a problem with youconvertit.com.

Regardless, there are many FTP programs out there.


I use YouSendIt.com and have never had a problem.

Ditto with Judy. I have been using YouSendIt.com and love, love, love it! I have the $10-a-month deal.
I have found out recently that there is a size limit on upload facilities of 500 MB, which had not been a problem for me before. I tried all of them after I had this problem with the site I have paid for and used very well for the last few years with a file that I could not upload to my space. It would not upload with any space I tried, both free and paid. Maybe this is the problem these days. I have to say that this was an Eclipse audio file, which have been the largest sound files in the CAT arena if compression is not adjusted. The only space where such a large file can be uploaded is with a Swapdrive account I found out when a reporter used her own Swapdrive account, and I downloaded the file from there. I dropped Swapdrive quite a few years ago because the program wasn't working properly one day when I had a daily copy job, and I couldn't get the files from my own (expensive account), and the reporter used ibackup, and it worked great. Now, it has the size limitation, which is not mentioned on the Web site at all unless you call tech support and find that out.


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