I can't believe it, because it's been so long, at the end of my depo today I asked noticing attorney whether he wanted the officer to review transcript, which the officer replied he would like to review and/or get a copy, and the attorney replied "I will not send out a copy because I can't give the reporter's work away for free, et cetera. He made my day!

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Absolutely wonderful to hear that!!
That's ... awesome! :)
I wish there were more like him/her.
He must be married to a court reporter. :)
Wouldn't it be nice for the attorneys (nationwide, of course), when they're having to meet their requirements for continuing education, to be taught, mentored, or re-educated on this very thing and not do the usual get it/copy it/not pay for it...?
He sounds like the type of attorney we'd all like to work with every day. Kudos to him!
Maybe we should have a great attorney to work for list.

Know anyone that does cloning? LOL. I'd love to clone the good ones.

GOOD FOR YOU, KELLI!!! I'm sure you said this in a very calm, authoritative manner. I am impressed! I will keep your script firmly in mind. That is so great!
Way to go, Kelli!!!!!!!!!! Good for you.
There is hope!..
That would make my day, too:)
How about this:

He's going to copy the original. Response: Counsel, may I please have a copy of your notes from the depo today? I would like to give them to opposing counsel.

A little snarkey, but makes me smile (and I'm a little cranky today). :-)


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