Is anyone up right now? Midnight deadline, I'm exhausted, and can't figure out which word it should be, wont or want:

"You had a building permit from the Department of Building and Safety for which you believed you were authorized to commence construction at 1000 Petit Avenue, but then it was revoked for the want of California Coastal Commission approval; is that correct?


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It would be "want."  Wont is a custom, habit or practice according to

That's what I thought but I'm too darn tired to think right now!  Thanks.

I know, sometimes at times like that you can't even remember how to spell your own name!

Yeah, and that's when I'm really grateful to forums like this!  I did it!  Going to bed now.

Deborah:  I know you've gotten your answer by now.  But it reminded me of the time it was about 2:00 a.m., I was working on a 24-hour deposition.  I got to the word "should."  I sat here thinking, "Should.  Should.  There's no such word as 'should.'  Should."  I honestly was so tired, and I hadn't eaten all day (not a good combination for a gal who eats and gets as much sleep as possible) I couldn't think of how to spell should.  This is why I really, really try not to commit to a 24-hour turnaround.  My brain shuts down at 10:00 p.m.   

Seeing your request late, I am sure you have already come to your conclusion.  And based upon these two options, "want" the approval is how I would have looked at it as well.  Oftentimes there are other words we don't consider because certain words such as you suggested seem like the obvious, but there could be another option such as "warrant."  "It was revoked for the warrant of the Commission's approval."  People speak from so many different approaches, don't they.  In any event, this forum is super to be able to help each other.  Best of luck!

Another approach is to evaluate the sentence structure.  Do you think the word is a verb, adjective, or a noun.  As reporters, we all need to know sentence structure.  When you know what you are looking for (verb, adjective or a noun), it is easier to figure out the word.


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