I need help with the word phonetically spelled levaye.  i have included the statement before and the full response of the judge.  plz help it's an expedite.

MR. OROZCO:  Plaintiff counsel has never responded.  I've asked "How do you want these?"  They've never responded.  So I think the burden is on Mr. Renick to say "This is how I want them so I can easily review them and download them to my system."  Instead of saying -- If Produce them in hardcopy, he's going to turn around and say, "Well, now you're giving me 100 boxes of hard documents which prove no value."  And then I have to electronically download that information into his workable system.

THE COURT:  Well, that's the old school way to start into it, although, at this point it's pretty *levaye.  But it strikes me you should be making the first offer and not just standing back and asking them for a -- to respond.  But I will hear from them in due course because, before you all leave the door here, I would like to imagine that we know which path we're going down.

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Do you have an audio clip?

all I can think of is in limine instead of pretty limine

yes.  I have listened to the audio.  the judge clearly says. "lee vaye"

Could the word be leeway, and something else in the sentence is wrong, because they're talking about making the first offer, and they could have leeway in that?

I checked this sentence 1,000 times against the audio and the word is clearly "levaye"  a friend of mine said that is a Yiddish word for funeral.  I plugged it in and it sort of works I think because he's saying the old fashioned way of doing things is dead.  I don't know what do you think?

Is the judge Jewish?    If not, that is a big stretch.

How about you are mishearing the "pretty" and it's actually "practically vague" or "particularly vague." 

Highberger is the judge's name.

Are you sure he's not saying:  "pretty vague"?

Sometimes audio gets a little corrupted.

I think Janiece is right, pretty vague.


You probably have turned this in, my first thought, reading aloud was pretty iffy, (accent?)  but even judges misspeak or start to say a word and make it into another.  Good luck (to us all)! 

I once had a doctor mention a word so many times I decided NOT to ask the spelling, figuring surely I can find it, but no, that wasn't the case - I called him (as I said, he said it MANY times) and he said, oh, that's MY word spelled ...   new words every day... gotta love it - reporters: we sweat the small stuff!


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