How is everbody doing today


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Great.  How are you?


I would be a lot better if it wouldn't rain.  Got my fingers crossed.

I do collections for court reporters.

Hi, Dawn.  Do you do collections for court reporters from their atty/law firm clients, or from court reporting agencies who owe reporters for work done?  Just guessing, but I'd guess you were very busy.  Here in Washington, DC we're getting a break from the heat -- I think it's only in the high 90s right now.  I've got a particularly difficult dep coming up tomorrow, so I already have a headache ... taking 3 Advil and a nap didn't help, and I can't get out of it ... the job, that is.  I think that's enough about my day or else I'll have to join the CSRNation Group "Reporters Who Whine."  Oh, never mind - already there ...




There should be a group called "Reporter who NEED wine"!!!!




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