I just bought a treadmill desk from Amazon for $1300. Can't wait!!

We all know how sedentary this job can be.  I sit for hours upon hours behind this desk with no exercise.  I've decided I'll just proof my jobs while walking for four or five hours.   This way I'm killing two birds with one stone; getting exercise and getting work done at the same time. 


I've been wanting to get one of these for a long, long time.  . 


Here's the link to what I bought.  http://www.amazon.com/LifeSpan-Fitness-TR1200-DT-Treadmill-Desk/dp/...


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There are cheaper ones, but I thought they may be flimsy and I may get hurt.  I wouldn't mind having the recumbent bike with the desk attached either.  That is about 400 and look pretty cool.  Anything is an improvement over sitting on my fat butt in front of this desk for six hours a day.  As I get older (46) I'm noticing it takes way, way more effort to keep the weight off.  Constant struggle. 

It's the price of a nice laptop. Even cheaper than an ultrabook.  :)

I never even knew such a thing existed.  What a brilliant idea. I love it.  And free shipping -- can't beat that!

I'm seriously thinking of getting one.  I know I definitely WANT one. :)

I guess the delivery people called and it's here.  I guess someone has to be home to receive it because it's pretty big package.  I'll take some pics when I get it set up.

Okay.  My treadmill desk is supposed to show up today between 9:00 and 1:00.  I'll post pics of it when I get it set up.  Should be fun.

Okay.  The hubby just set up the desk.  No monitor or keyboard, but it's progress!!

Oh, yeah, if you are wondering what those little perches are, those are for my cats.  They are all around my whole office with beds on top of closets.  They love them.  Whole different topic, though.

The treadmill looks great, Kelli.  

I like your idea about the "perches" for the kitties.  I have seen that guy on that TV show "My Cat from Hell" recommend similar things for cats.

Actually, Janiece, I had my husband put them up after watching that exact show.  They go all the way around the room.  I'll have to take some better pics of it.

Awesome, Kelli.  Let us know how it is soon.  We are all champing and chomping at our bits!  Love the cat perches too.  I have ones that go in the window, but I should get some like yours too.  The 3 troublemakers would love it.

Hey, check out the video I just posted of the desk along with the kitty perches.  I love it!!


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