Is it just me or is $2.50 per page low? 

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If you're talking about O&1 with 2-week delivery, it's maybe 30-year-ago rates.

If you're talking copy sale, it's about right.

And I'm talking about what the attorneys pay, not what the CR gets.

This is for the O & 1.  I've been reporting for 16 years.  I have never taken a job for $2.50 pp.  This is unbelievable.  It is for a local reporter owned agency.  I said I couldn't go any lower than $3 pp.  They called me back and accepted.  I still feel like I got the wrong end of the deal. 

So it's your share, not what the atty is being charged.  $3/page is low.   Since my rates haven't changed in many years, I would not have taken it.  I certainly hope there'll be a few copy sales.  And I'm sure it's 2-week delivery.   

Don't cave as far as anything else, including rough or rush delivery.  

I was told there is at least one copy order.  I'm definitely not going to do this again and I'm not going to cave on anything else. :)

Be aware that the prevailing price for copy sales to the atty is $2.50/page.  You should be getting 70% or 60% or minimum of 50% of that.  Don't let yourself get cheated on that.  

I would say it depends on your area.  In Chicago where we have no O/1, the taking attorney receives an Original only, $2.50 is high for the Original to the reporter.  Attorneys in Chicago, when using local Chicago agencies, are charged what reporters make in other venues for that original.  Chicago has some of the lowest reporter rates in the country.  One of the many reasons I mainly work for out-of-state agencies exclusively.

I'd defer to others to comment on what's low/average/high for their market.

Cynthia, where do you live?  Maybe that has something to do with the price. 

Cynthia, I see you're in Bakersfield, CA, and I consider that SoCal.  As such, that is very low, considering SoCal firms generally charge more for the O & 1 as a result of the SoCal stip.  I would not take the job at that rate -- or any job, for that matter -- particularly since it probably has a 99.9% of being an O & 1 only.

That's ridiculous.  We all have our line in the sand.  Mine is a lot higher than that.  The day I have to start taking work for $3.00 a page is the day I go back to waitressing. 


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