Well, my new Lenovo I finally set up.  The function keys are set to give you the other functions instead of F1-F12, which I certainly need for Catalyst.  I called tech support and they were in GA, here in the US.   Kept putting me on hold trying to find an answer for me.  I gave up.  Looks like online there is not way to "set" the function keys to be F-1-F12 all the time.   The touch pad on this Lenovo is weird. 

I do not want a Toshiba.  I really would like a 14 inch with Windows 7 still.  Don't want the 15 inch laptop.  How much do I have to pay to get a decent laptop that has good audio and good support?  I'll go up to $1,000 if it gets me what I'm looking for.


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Very cool.  Are they expensive? I know to set up a new computer, delete programs I don't want and change the BIOS for the function keys, if it has the choice to change it.  I just feel that to hit escape and the Fn key to reset them, it's just another thing that is tied to the keyboard that could stop working right.

I'll check these guys out.


I don't need a computer right now so I haven't looked yet at prices.  I have taken care of all my laptops myself with no problems, so I certainly don't need them to install software, transfer files, etc.  But since my ThinkPad guy, Bob Bogutsky, passed away, I feel like these people could be my next source of a ThinkPad, based just on Jim's raves and other comments I've seen since.   It'll cost me more than it did with Bob but at least I'll get good support for that extra money.


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