Hi, All!

I'm currently looking for a laptop/steno machine roller.
I've been looking at laptop rollers, but the ones I've seen so far aren't big enough to also fit in a steno machine in it!

Any tips please? What do you use? What's the going rate for a really reliable, heavy-duty, long-term one?

I'd like to purchase a laptop/steno machine roller as soon as possible, so I can just roll my stuff around as opposed to lugging it all around and hurting my back and shoulders in the process! :P

Thanks in advance for any direction you could provide! :D


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I also have a Pirouette bag from Stenograph. I like it. I had a bag from Pengad which I loved, but my T61 laptop wouldn't fit in it. The Pengad bag was really sturdy, but it was heavy. The Pirouette is much lighter, and I like how it makes tight turns in an elevator or in a crowded train aisle.
I have one made by Tutto. They make lots of sizes. I bought mine at the NCRA Convention in Anaheim last year. I love the wheels on it; they're the all-turning luggage type. Pushing it forward or pulling it along, turning quickly are all super easy to do. It's a top loader so you can easily be seated and load your equipment down into it. It has two side zipped compartments with sections so you can load cords, batteries, paperwork. It has a retractable handle, too. Even comes with a bungee cord :)
I NEVER thought of the seatbelt! Good idea, even if they don't tip! :)
Thank you all for the great info! So appreciated! :)

Sounds like the Pirouette roller from Stenograph has the best ranking from you all so far. Problem is, though, I have a paper-steno machine. Won't work, right, Allison? Also, how much does this go for anyway... if they do have a version for the paper-steno machine. Anyone, please?

Later today my boyfriend and I are going to Macy's to check out their luggage section to see if I can get a good deal there. Will let you all know if we succeeded with a new laptop/steno machine roller... but is actually a luggage roller! Whatever gets the work done! Hehehe. :)
I just got an awesome luggage bag in Ft Laud at their flea market! Matching purse too, lol. I use the Gemini and took my packing foam from the box it was shipped in and put that in my bag. ;) Perfection! and get tons of compliments as it has gold in it to match my machine...and my car, lol.
Wow, Rhoda, it sounds like you're a 14K kind of gal, or is it 24K?
Well, red is my true fav color, but wanted to still be kind of not too obvious at my job, lol. Went w/gold to match my car. ;) I do wear more gold than silver tho...
So my boyfriend and I went to Macy's tonight... and now I am the proud owner of a Ricardo Hillcrest 21" two compartment wheel-aboard luggage. YAY! :)

Yes, it's really a CLOTHES LUGGAGE... but it'll work for now... and maybe always actually! It has more than enough room for my steno machine (Stentura w/ paper tray), my 15" laptop, all my books, school supplies, wires, and other little stuff. I LOVE IT SO FAR!

We got a great deal at Macy's! Basically cost about $50 (I got a 30% discount for opening an account with Macy's... well worth it). It also has warranty.

So I'm set! FINALLY! I've seriously been lugging around my steno machine carrier, my laptop carrier, my purse, my water bottle, my iced coffee, my snacks, etc. EVERYWHERE! It'll be nice to finally just put all that in ONE PLACE and roll along at leisure! Hehehe. I'm gonna be extra excited coming back to school like this... stress-free regarding how I haul around my stuff. SO EXCITED! :)

Thanks again for all the info! I so appreciate it! I love this site! :)


I'm a Steno Nerd!

Thanks, Jeanese!

Yes, I'm so excited... and it's SO FUN getting something new, especially a "big" purchase like this. Feels like I got the best designer handbag! Hehehe. :)


I'm a Steno Nerd!
Oh, no problem, Allison! I really appreciate all the info you gave to me... and to everyone on this site! I see you around here a lot! ;)

Don't worry... I'll be a WORKING court reporter sooner rather than later! Gotta keep on practicing, practicing, practicing! :)


I'm a Steno Nerd!
Does anyone else have an issue with the fact the Pirouette does not have a snug fit for your machine? I was so excited to get my new bag, but was really irked when I put my Elan Mira in there only to see there's about 2-3 inches of play. The photos from Stenograph seem to show a very snug compartment area for the machine. Granted, I have the jet bag and that seems to fix the problem, but I think Stenograph is being deceptive. I mean, the machines are our lifeblood and very expensive, and you don't want them bouncing back and forth. I called Stenograph, and the guy seemed -- well, was -- absolutely clueless what I was talking about.


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