I've noticed after about 44 I can't see small type any longer.  I always have to get my glasses out to read business cards, exhibits, etc.


I am thinking about getting Lasik but I'm really nervous that the doctor will mess up or something; I won't be able to see afterwards. 

I was just wondering has anyone had this procedure done lately and what's your experience.  A plus is if you know a doctor in the Bay Area that is good.

I'm just tired of always having to wear glasses all the time.  My mom had this procedure done when she was 55 and all it did was change her problem.  She wanted to see far away and now that's all she can see; has to have glasses close up.  The doctor told her at her age, that's what would happen.  She did it anyway.  I don't want it to switch so I can see close but not far away.  Hoping I'm still young enough where that won't be a problem.

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Hi, Kelli.  I had the surgery on both eyes way back in 1987 whenever it was referred to as Radial Keratotomy.  I was 30 then and it corrected my vision to 20/20.  Over the ensuing years, I developed astigmatism in my right eye and for many years there wasn't a procedure for it.  Finally a few years ago, they came out with a procedure and I went for it.  It was another great success, but I will say, I did have to decide if I wanted better vision up close or at a distance.  I choose to see better at a distance for driving purposes; however, and I still have to wear my readers.  Sometimes they can make one eye for seeing close and the other for seeing distance.  I hope this helps.  It's best to go in and let them take a look at your eyes.

Hey, Kelli!

I had it done about ten years ago.  I had worn glasses as a kid and then had contacts for 20 years.  All I can tell you is that it was the best decision I ever made.  It was almost like a miracle.  I had 20/400 vision in both eyes, and it was corrected to 20/25.  Now, over the last decade my vision has waned a bit, especially in the last year, but I can still see pretty well and don't wear any glasses for anything.  I'm in SoCal and went to Saddleback Eye Center, Dr. Manger, who I think is the absolute best.  Eye doctors travel to him for their own personal surgeries.  He did tell me upfront that my vision wouldn't be as perfect after I turned 40 because our eyes diminish then anyway. 

Kelli, I went to a few lasik places because they all offer a free consultation, and one of them was extremely high pressure, to the point that I felt like I was being held hostage in their office! As I was getting my consultation, the doctor wanted me to get it done right then. And then if I would say something like, well, I dont have a way to get home, they would offer to take me home and I could pick up my car the next day, and just all these things to get me to do it right then. And then I had to wait at the reception area for a long time before I could leave their office. I can't remember what the situation was now, but it was very strange. So if you go talk to someone, be prepared in case they try and push you into something. I finally decided not to have it because, like everybody else, it was going to be a choice of having to use glasses one way or the other, plus the thought of a laser shooting into my eyeball WHILE I'M AWAKE really freaks me out, lol

Yeah, I'm not thrilled with the whole procedure either.  My husband is just tired of me complaining all the time that I can't read anything.  That's really my only issue is small print. 

There is no way in hell I would let someone pressure me into doing it the same day that I went for a consultation.  I think your instincts were sound, Cheryl, on that issue.  Something very strange about that.  I think it is much more important to see far away, like I do now, than close up.  It's just more of a pain especially going to restaurants and not being able to read the menu.  I have learned someone always leaves their glasses behind and most restaurants seem to always have an extra pair laying around somewhere.  I also have an app on my iPhone that helps too.

That's where buying a whole slew of $15 readers comes in handy.  Keep one in your purse, in your car, in his car, in your steno case, etc.  And if you look at that site I posted, you'll see they're not all hidious.

Judy, sorry I missed the first post.  I just went back and saw it.  Those are very nice glasses.  I have eight pairs of glasses all around the house and in my purse already.  Most very stylish.   The biggest issue is mostly just reading menus and business cards.

I like the sunglasses that are regular glasses, but I assume that's if you can't see distances.   That's not my problem.  Sounds like I'm not alone.  50/50 on whether to get Lasik or just wear glasses.  Sounds like you definitely went the glasses route.

At 40 my perfect eyesight started failing for regular reading, etc.  By 50 I couldn't read a menu w/o reading glasses.  I've gone to the eye doc and I could get the surgery, but the way my eyes are changing they'd have to do one for distance, one for reading.  They suggested I try bifocal contacts to see if I could handle it.  It was pure torture for me.  

I'm not happy having to use readers for more and more things, but it beats not being able to read.  So far the distance is still good enough.  I do have expensive prescription glasses, but the readers actually work better for me still.  

I think the hardest part now is if I don't need to wear them, I tend to put them on top of my head so I don't leave them behind, which messes up my hair.  The only other option is putting them on that leash thingy and letting them hang around my neck.  I just can't seem to do that yet.

As far as the sunglass readers, I did just buy a pair of them because when we do outdoor shopping I was always putting my readers on to see the price but then changing them over to my sunglasses to walk around (usually this happens on vacation).  Luckily I don't need glasses to see where I'm walking yet, not to even mention the fact that sometimes they actually do more harm than good when walking (especially down stairs!).   But we'll see whether the reader sunglasses actually work on the next vacation.

With the sunglass pair, how would you walk around?  Seems like everything would be blurry.  I did go and spend 400 on the bifocals for distance and then the split in them so I could read at the bottom.  I get a headache wearing them.  I'm with you; I like the readers better.

I have a friend who is probably 54 and she has the glasses on the chain around her neck.  I think it makes a woman look so old.  I am so way not going there yet.  My husband also says it makes women look old when they put the glasses way down on their nose so they can see.  Guess I can't go that route either.  Guess the search goes on....

I've only worn the sunglass readers twice and they were fine.  But I wonder if they have bifocal sunglasses!

That would make a lot more sense.  They look cool.

Yes, I have a pair of bifocal sunglasses.


I feel your pain.  I'm in the same boat.  Hate, hate, hate not being able to see anything up close clearly anymore.  Menus, my own fingernails, recipes, etc, etc. 

I wear contacts and my doc has offered the bifocal ones, when I'm ready to try them.  I'm just not there yet.  My family has a good laugh on the days I'm resting my eyes from my contacts and I'm sitting at the computer with my regular glasses AND my readers on working.  They call me 6 eyes.  Ah, yes.....


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