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Hi! During a judgment the other day, the judge said something that I wrote out as "mont may gro" order. He defined it as an order that was final unless there was a substantial change in circumstances.. or something along those lines. My audio failed that day, so I can't listen to it. I may have missed a syllable because I know I was trailing at that point and the word really threw me. Any ideas?

Sounds like the word Montenegro. Have you Googled that?
That's it! Thanks so much!
Sounds like "ambunct"

Q Like is there any impairment under the AMA Guidelines specifically for this problem in the area of pain management?
A I have been made aware that there has been a change now of like an ambunct decision regarding the deficiency in the AMA Guidelines to equate disability with impairment, and I'm not a hundred percent .....

My proofer suggested adjunct, but it clearly does not sound the same on the audio. Have tried every spelling I can think of and can't find anything that works. Thanks!
Could it be "ad hoc," which mean "for this purpose"?
I started thinking -- maybe this is a French or Latin term....anyone out there that might recognize the word I'm looking for?
I think it is "en banc." I have heard this term used a lot with the word "decision" after it.
I think that's it. Thanks! Looks familiar, but it didn't come to me, so thanks for the help. Dawn :)
I think that sounds right.


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