Anyone have an office chair they really like?  Years ago I forked out the big bucks and got a Herman Miller, but I think it's time for a new one.  I'd like to keep it around 200 bucks if possible.  I want one that I can take the arms off if I don't want them and that I can adjust the seat height, back height and tilt, seat tilt.  Got one that you love?  Tell me about it, please.

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I don't have a great chair.  Now that I'm walking while on the compute I don't need a chair anymore.  Can you find a good chair at Office Depot?  I always see nice looking chairs there.  Never know.

I've always wanted one of those Herman Miller Chairs for $800 apiece.  I just can't wrap my mind around that much money; I don't care how great the chair is.  My husband says if you spend that much time in it, it's worth it, but still.....

I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair.  Kelli's husband is right; it's definitely worth it.  Not sure what kind of Herman Miller chair you have or why you're wanting to replace it, but I love mine.  I've had it probably 10 years now.  There's no padding to wear out since the seat and back are mesh.  It's SO comfortable.  The arms pivot in and out and raise and lower very easily, so I can use the armrests or not.

Kelli, you don't have to spend $800 on an Aeron.  You can find them used in great shape on craigslist in the $300 range if you keep an eye out.  I bought mine used, and it's been fine.  You want to find one described as "fully loaded," meaning it has all the adjustments and pivoting arms.  There are "basic" ones that look the same that aren't as adjustable.

After some pretty debilitating back problems last year, an attorney I worked with turned me on to what I call a ball chair.  It's one of those exercise medicine balls on a frame.  I love it, and use it for hours at a time.  I even write on my machine on it.  It keeps me from slumping into a bad posture.  There's a backrest, but it's not one you're going to use for an extended period.  But because of that, you're holding yourself upright most of the time, which I'm pretty sure has strengthened my muscles so that my back is now stronger.  I'm sure this chair isn't for everybody, but if you have low back problems that are aggravated by prolonged sitting, these are pretty cheap on Amazon.  The one I bought is the Isokinetics Fitness Ball chair.  I'm noticing now that there is a version with an adjustable back. They're about $80 or $90.  Just search "ball chairs," and go to the Amazon site.  They have several different versions.  I'm going to try to attach a picture of mine.


OMG, Debbie, that looks so uncomfortable.  You mean you actually sit on that ball?  Probably is good for your back because it doesn't allow you to slouch.  I must admit, I don't have the greatest posture in the world either. 

When I worked at the WCAB, one of the reporters had one.  It's pretty cool.  I have the kneeling chair, which is good for my back, but my feet go to sleep!

I ordered one from Costco online and then tonight I found a ball chair on Craigslist for $40 and went and got it.  I will switch off back and forth. 

That's what I did, Deborah.  I started out switching out between the ball and a regular chair.  I'm using the ball all the time now.  I liked those kneeling chairs too, but had the same problem with my feet going to sleep. 


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