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Over on the DepoMan forum, an interesting thread came up about court reporters and their understanding (or, in the original poster's case, non-understanding) spouses ... and deeper into this thread, I ran across a post where a reporter's accountant didn't seem to understand the job of a court reporter (told her she couldn't deduct her business line (?!?)).

That got me thinking that it might be a good resource to have a list of accountants that understand the court reporting field -- preferably both freelance and officials.

So, who do you use? Why do you like them? Are they interested in taking on more clients (hopefully this thread will get them more business!)? Do they specialize in freelance reporters vice officials (or vice versa)? Can they handle both? What state are they in? <-- that one's kinda important!

Captioners and CART providers, feel free to jump in here as well. I'm not quite up on the tax situation for CART-ers and captioners, but I'm sure you could use a court reporter-friendly accountant as well!

Oh, and I will eventually place links to the accountants recommended here on ol' Cheap and Sleazy, but that may be a while ... and, of course, depends on the response on this thread!

Thanks ....

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."

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SoCal accountants

Here's some recommendations for accountants in Southen California. I had started the thread earlier in the year in the SoCal forum.
Kyung --

Thanks! That thread was (while short) an interesting read. Tubo Tax is starting to look really good, after reading some of those stories.

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I'm looking for a good accountant who really understands our business. I like the one I have, but I have heard she's a little more conservative and there is much more I can be writing off. Any suggestions for one in the SF Bay Area out there? Contra Costa County would be preferable:)


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