Looking for a laptop with the BEST audio when using Eclipse

I have 3 computers - 2 Think Pads and 1 Fujitsu.  The 2008 Think Pad has the best audio ever and the new one is a hit and miss.  I've downloaded many updates and it's improved since I purchased it a few months ago.


The Fujitsu, I cannot take out on a depo with such poor audio.

I'm looking a 1 or 2 backups and would really like feedback on a computer with this feature.



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Jeez, last one I bought this summer was $149.  And it takes the little circle battery.

I know, right!! I saw on Advantage website, it's $159, compared to the $179 on martel's website.

Hi Linda! I have a Toshiba satellite L675 with a builtin mic and my audio is amazing with my Eclipse software...



Thank you.  That's what I need to hear.   Are you attaching an external mic at all?  How far away does it pick up voices?




Here is my post from when I found this computer.  Kelli, the person that owns this site is on Eclipse and she uses it to record at her jobs.  This model is no longer available but Kerry who has posted here just bought the model that replaced the model Kelli and I bought and I think she's really happy with it.  

I am using mine to edit but I tested the recording ability and I was happy with it.

Good luck,


Hey, everyone,

I just bought a new computer that has really good audio.  It is a Samsung Model Code:  NP300V5A-AOKUS.  Here is a link to the model I bought.  

I got it at Microcenter.  It was only $529.  It has 3 USB ports.  It has a separate jack for a microphone and a separate jack for headphones.  It is very lightweight.  

I have tested the audio at home.  Another reporter turned me on to it.  He had gone through several computers trying to find one that worked.  

I was going to use this as my backup computer but I may use it as my main computer.  I'm trying it out on a depo tomorrow.

Microcenter has 12 months financing with no interest.  

Just thought I would pass it along.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P745-S4217. I use it with Eclipse. It has Harman/Kardon speakers, Realtek HD/Dolby sound. It's so loud I turn it down. I'm very happy with it. I do use a USB microphone. The standard mics sounded scratchy.

Janet, it looks like the Toshiba has it so far.  I have had Ts in the past and really loved them until I discovered IBM before IBM sold to Lenovo.  Lenovo keeps changing the audio.  It also has Realtek HD and have upgraded several times since the purchase and it's much better. 

It took Advantage IT weeks to help me figure the darn thing out, but we got it the best it could. My standard is high after having a computer with exception sound.




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