I have one of those expensive :( usb Martel mics that's only a few months old.  I'm listening to the audio from the depo I took today and I have intermittent static.  One of the attorneys had his Iphone (which kept going off on vibrate) on the desk very close to my mic.  I recall hearing somewhere that the Iphone and some Blackberrys can cause an issue with audio.  I'm curious if anyone out there has experienced this or knows about this issue.

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I have never experienced it with my Martel but I know videographers complain of it with their systems.    Unfortunately when I have had static it was because my Martel mic had a loose wire.

It's my experience that it's Blackberrys only.  That's what videographers always tell attorneys to turn off.  So I follow suit, and anytime I see an attorney w/a Blackbery, I'll ask very nicely if they'll please turn it off only during the depo b/c it interferes w/my audio.   I feel like a flight attendant ordering the cell phones off.  Shame I don't have any peanuts or pretzels to offer them.  Ha!  

BTW, I bought a 20 some dollar mic at Radio Shack a year and a half ago, and it works beautifully.  Haven't even had to change the battery.  That was suggested to me when I bought my Diamante, and they were right.

Yep, it does happen.  Blackberry Curve is the worst.  Had a witness take a call on one six inches from my computer and I got the blue screen.  Everything was fine, but I was so annoyed and absolutely scared to death before it came back up.  I have been told it's provider-specific, but it always seems to me it's the Blackberries that are the culprit.  I ask them to be turned off.  Of course, they just put them on vibrate.  Don't blame them; it's a tool they need.  Have them put it on paper instead of directly on the glass or wood.  That helps.

I've had static on my audio with the Martel mic before.  Sometimes I'm sure it wasn't phones, but some other interference in the room.  I think Iphones are a problem, too, not just Blackberrys.

I had the same thing happening.  There is a little gray filter that clamps onto my plug that I bought through martel and I have never had this problem again.  I think I got two for like 50 dollars.  Best investment I ever made.



I have those filters and it still happened.  I'm sure if I did not have them on it would have been a lot worse, but was surpirsed I still had the problem with the filters on.  The job I took the next day was very short and I did not have the static issue.  Must have been the iphone and/or the other attorneys computer so close to mine.


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