I was just curious how many of you get massage therapy regularly?  My neck and shoulders are killing me.  I go every once in a while, but I think I may need to do it more regularly. 

Boy, this job is tough on the body, that's for sure!!

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I lucked out and it cancelled Friday and also tomorrow.  This guy is a killer.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  He talks so fast, sometimes I'm not sure what he's saying.  Hate that.

I found a great MT after trying out several through Groupon.  On my third appointment with her, she had packed up and moved and not left a forwarding number or anything.  That was months ago, so I need to start buying the Groupons again. I felt a lot better, especially when I would be going to the chiro, too.  What a toll this profession takes on our bodies!

Boy, that's sure the truth.  Massage definitely does help.  I can tell already.

I joined our local Massage Envy over 2-3 years ago and go in every two weeks, sometimes more.  They have massage therapists of all levels, so you have to communicate when booking what your personal preferences are -- light, deep tissue, trigger point, etc. I have the schedule of my three favorite therapists there, and if they aren't working when I call in, I simply do not go.  Trust me, the people who book the appointments are very aware of what therapists are good and what their specialty is.  If you don't ask, they're going to give you the therapists that are "in the wings," waiting for a booking, then you simply hope for the best.  Some are good; some are not so good.  Why waste an appointment on a mediocre experience?

Another alternative to a full-body massage is a foot massage.  My friend took me to Happy Buddha Reflexology here in San Diego as a birthday gift a couple years back.  I have to tell you, it was one of the BEST massages ever!  The cost is $30 for an hour, and they provide the traditional Chinese food reflexology therapy as well as work on your neck, shoulders, arms.  When you walk out of there, you feel like you just received a full-body massage!  More recently, at least here in San Diego, foot massage parlors are opening up everywhere!  There are two new ones close to my house in Point Loma, and one is only $20 for an hour.  It is AAHHHHHHHHH-mazing! 


When my favorite therapists aren't available at ME, I head on over to one of the foot massage places.  I probably spend $200 to $300+ a month on massages, but it's SO worth it for my sanity/stress levels, overall well-being, and it's still much less expensive than going to an orthopedic specialist or physical therapist to be assessed and treated.   I won't go to a chiropractor -- ever.

Lastly, you might want to invest in an inversion table -- the one you hang upside-down on to stretch your back.  I use ours every other day or so, and it really helps take the pressure off of your spine. 


I'm with MA ... a regular cleaning person and massages are a must!  I've recently started having a guy come to my house and wash/detail my car now for $20 to $40 a month, depending on how dirty my car is.  Saves me so much time, and there's nothing like getting into a super clean car when you're heading to depos!  I'm a bit of a clean freak, so that's just another thing I do to free up my time and help me stay focused on other more important things .. or fun things!  

My husband is thinking of taking over my lease when his lease is done.  He says he's going to have to have my car deloused because it's so dirty.  I am not a clean freak at all.  This car is still pretty clean because I've only had it a year.  The one before this I had for eight years and I'm sure there was stuff growing under the seats.  LOL!

And yes, a house cleaner is a necessity.  I so agree.


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