Yesterday I had a huge problem with a memory card. About 4:00 p.m. I look down and my software on my laptop has stopped following. It's not frozen; it's just not registering the new strokes. I look at my Stylus, and it's still going. I thought it was an Eclipse software problem and kept writing. A minute or two later I look at my Stylus, and it's stopped registering any strokes and is frozen.

On break I called support. I was afraid to turn off my machine for fear the last few minutes of testimony wouldn't be there. Basically what happened is I had to turn my machine off, and I lost the last few minutes of testimony.

LUCKILY, I was using my iPhone application iTalk and recording the proceedings as a backup. Otherwise, I'd be screwed.

Apparently there's an option you can turn on where every time you turn on your Stylus it asks you if you want to append or retranslate (or something). I turned that off. The support guy thinks if I'd had that turned on, then I would've been able to get the info off the card. He also said the latest update for the Stylus software has taken away that feature. I don't think it would've helped me in this scenarious because the info wasn't there when I read it from both the CF and the SD cards.

The problem: a 4GB CF card. DON'T USE A 4GB CARD! The Stylus can only handle a 2GB. I called one day before buying the 4GB, and the support guys were busy, but the girl who answered said she thought it was okay to use. She was wrong.

Luckily it was only a few minutes, and luckily I had a backup recording. Almost makes me want to go back to using paper!

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I recently got a procat stylus writer with a 512 mg cf card. I want to update to a 2gb cf card. I bought a Sandisk Ultra 2gb cf card (black) and it won't turn the writer on. Am I going to have to call Procat for some type of update, or will an older version Sandisk 2gb cf card (blue) work?


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