Kelli (or anyone on the Impression):

Do you still like your Impression?  I am looking to replace my Diamante because even at its lightest setting I still find I need a lighter touch, shallower stroke.  Also I get stacking.  Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm new here and am not savvy with this sort of communication.

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You're welcome Quyen!

Unfortunately, they were not exactly clear on when that sale will be over ... but while I was looking around on their site, I found this interesting blog entry:

Just one more thing to add to the decision matrix!

... and I'll only complain about your grammar if I'm proofreading for you!

Apparently, the Impression deal ends the end of this month. I got the e-mail from the rep today.

I asked about the Xpression. It's slated for release end of March.  With the screen open, it will cover half the number bar.  I use the number bar ALL . . . THE . . . TIME.  That will probably drive me batshit crazy if I hit the screen every time to go to hit the number bar.  The Xpression is going to be $$$$ at a whopping $5,395.  That very likely is a deal breaker for me.

Impression owners:

Would you tell me if you have a right-sided wide asterisk key and if it looks like the following:

Ugh, don't know why the pic got flipped when I posted it here, but it's good enough to illustrate my point. 

That is a picture of the Impression keyboard sent to me by the rep, WITH a right-sided "wide" asterisk key.  It's exactly the same as the Diamante, and that's the very reason I HATE the Diamante.  The gap between the wide asterisk key and the -F key is MUCH BIGGER than the wide -DZ keys.  My index finger ALWAYS falls through/slips when I try to hit *-F, and it affects my writing. Yes, I use pads, and they don't help.

If the spacing on the Impression is the same as the Diamante, then there is no point in my purchasing a new writer.

Mine look just like your picture.  You don't have to have the wide keys.  You choose what you want.  I prefer it but if you don't, then don't order it.  Quyen, you know this feature is something you request when you order the machine, right?   The writer does not come this way.

Then that settles it.  I'm not buying the Impression.

Yes, I'm aware the writer does not come this way.  I HAVE to have the wide keys.  My point is that the supposed "wide" asterisk key as depicted in the picture is still NOT WIDE ENOUGH and my finger falls through when I try to hit the asterisk key, so ALL DAY, I'm misstroking and inadvertently deleting stuff I've written.  I need that gap to be MUCH SMALLER like the wide -DZ keys in the picture.

Have you asked about double-wide asterisk keys? Phoenix Theory is "asterisk happy," so I pretty much *HAD* to have a double-wide asterisk key!

I'm aware of the double-wide asterisk, and I don't need it.  I don't use the left side, so that won't help me.

The * is the delete stroke, and the *-F is "have" for me, so I use it ALL . . . THE . . . TIME.  And much too often, I miss the -F when I try to hit the *-F, so I end up deleting the previous stroke/word, which is annoying beyond belief!

I really don't understand why they've spaced these keys so far apart, when the -DZ wide keys aren't that way. Even with the wide asterisk key, there is absolutely no difference in the spacing without the wide asterisk.  Ugh!!!


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