Name of construction management school, probably defunct now


Has anyone heard of a school called, it sounds like, Key-oh Construction Management School? I'm guessing it's really Keogh. Given the context, it is almost certainly located in the California Greater Bay Area, most likely the Peninsula or Silicon Valley areas. I'm speculating that it might be associated with a community college simply because many such programs are.

Thanks for any help.

Blessings, Cathryn

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Hmm. I am going to give that serious consideration. It's less of a flight of fancy than Keogh.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Catheryn,

Wish I could help you with the name of the company cause I am from Cali but, was hoping you could actually help me..

I am interested in becoming a court reporter. I have no idea how to start, what to expect, pay scale (real world advice), job demand, what type of school to look for.

I currently live in Florida but after I am done studdying here plan on moving back to San Diego, California. Is this something I can train for here and also work there?

Are there any national test or state test that I will need to take? I am beyond clueless and looking for any advice anyone can give me.

Thank you so very much! Jaime


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