I'm in need of a scopist.  I've got CaseCAT 4.  I have got two jobs that I need help with.  They're both PI depos.  They are messy though.  They were all talking over each other.  Please e-mai your rates and turnaround time.  My e-mail address is halo172516@yahoo.com





Diana Guzman, CSR 13373 

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My bad.  She's a New York scopist, not Florida. 

Amen, amen, amen to all of it, Judy!  Drives me nuts when you give specific directions and they don't follow them!  Why spend all that time adding in unnecessary utterances for the reporter to take out?  Ugh.

And you are so right about just because they are a reporter doesn't mean they are any good.  I did some proofing on the side for a guy who had been reporting 15+ years.  Easy PI case,  He had "carpel tunnel" at least 25 times in there.  You know darn well it's been in his dictionary like that for those 15 years!!!

LOL!  I saw a transcript from a reporter who works in Supreme Court in New York who had "defence" throughout his transcript, and you know that was in his dictionary that way for years, too!  I have seen and heard of so many horrible transcripts, it blows my mind, hah! 

Hi, Diana. I have CaseCat and am in need of another reporter for whom to scope. I have 26 years of experience, beginning when I started work in the Criminal Division of Orange County Superior Court. I started transcribing appellate transcripts in the evenings for reporters I met in the courthouse, and slowly I quit the Court and went full time into home scoping. I love this work and have all the appropriate equipment, including a foot pedal for better hands-on usage on my keyboard. I havev a scanner and fax as well.
Contact me so we can get some work done before Christmas!

Cathy Houser
714-345-7619 (cell)


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