Need your suggestions in using leverage to collect from attorneys.

Hey, everyone, I need some help and input. I recently completed a 40+ day arbitration, very high profile, nearly 11,000 pages. One of the law firms is claiming that they are not responsible for my final bill and is trying to pass responsibility on to their bankrupt, losing client (losing=they got their butts handed to them by the arbitrators).

Now I find out that this nationally recognized law firm is using my arbitration transcript in an attempt to overturn the decision of the arbitrators in a state court. However, I've got one gotcha left, I hope. I never provided a certified copy, never signed any of the volumes of transcript, only provided electronic, unsigned copies, since it was binding arbitration and the arbitrators did not require a certified transcript.

My question is, Would you contact the state court where they are using my transcript and advise the judge that they (a.) are using an uncertified, unsigned transcript? (b.) they have not paid for the transcript they are using in court?

I am about to begin litigation against these guys but would like to short circuit the process. All suggestions are invited.

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please send again. I am working now so it will be later. Anita


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