I am on Eclipse software, and I just purchased a new E series Fujitsu that Eclipse recommends and sells and the audio is horrible compared to my other "older" computers.   I have an external mic by Martel (not the USB) the one with the battery, and it's been a great mic.  The audio just doesn't sound loud enough.  I have been on the phone with Eclipse support two different days for an hour at a time (two different techs) and it still isn't loud enough.  All the settings are as high as they'll go............(dang).....I don't know what else to do!!!  Any suggestions?


Honestly, I am looking for another computer at this point with great audio.  Any ideas would be sooooooooo appreciated ....why does buying a new computer and configuring it have to be so difficult.......lol !!!!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !!!  KIM


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Rene, wow, that's interesting.  What kind of digital recorder do you have?  I purchased one recently at Radio Shack, like an Olympus, 100 bucks, but do I need a commercial grade digital or will that work?


Also, would I pick up the male-to-male audio cable at R Shack or Fry's, something like that?   I was considering buying an audio boost express card, but this sounds kinda interesting, and I already have the digital...hmmmm......good to have options though and I really appreciate all this help.  I was so discouraged and thought I needed to buy yet another laptop....


Let me know what your thoughts are on the digital recorder.  Thanks a lot...kim

Rene, I'm unclear as to the instructions.  So if I use my mic port on my laptop for my external mic to put into the mic port on the digital recorder, how do you then put the male-to-male cable in the mic port on the laptop also.  I only have one mic port on my laptop.  Maybe I'm missing something or not understanding.  You can email me at kimsthrall@aol.com if you don't mind !!  THANKS !
For playback with soft audio, try a Boostaroo amplifier. They REALLY help a lot.

Anita, wow !!!  That's great.  I would love the information !!! 


Hey Kim, this is Debby Gladish.  I had the same issue with my Toshiba and there was an E-tip from Eclipse and the recommended the Sound Blaster X-Fi for notebooks and I use that with my Martel external mic.   Which notebook do you have?


Where do you get the Sound Blaster X-Fi for notebooks?  How much does it cost?


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